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1990-present [cont'd]

  • EMIR: initial development of the IR spectrograph for GRANTECAN.

  • SALT HRS: initial development, with Stuart Barnes of Canterbury University [Christchurch, NZ], of the High Resolution Spectrograph concept for the SALT facility in South Africa.

  • HESP: concept development, with partners, of a high resolution spectrograph for the Indian Institute of Astronomy's Hanle facility. This instrument was delivered and saw first light in early October 2015.

  • SIFS, BTFi and STELES: instrumentation development for the 4m SOAR telescope (Cerro Pachon, CHILE) of the National Astronomical Institute of Brazil.

  • CYCLOPS and GNOSIS: new instrumentation development for the AAT.

  • WiFeS: broadband spectrograph for the ANU 2.3 meter telescope at Siding Spring Mountain.

  • GSAOI: new instrumentation development for Gemini South managed by the Mount Stromlo Observatory.